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Located at the Music Mountain Air Ranch in northern Arizona we are just minutes away from the Grand Canyon. We have some of Arizona’s most scenic countryside here. We also enjoy the beautiful sunny weather year-round. You can find us on the Phoenix sectional chart (68AZ) 15 miles northeast of Kingman Arizona.


We offer Flight Training for FAA pilot certificates (pilot license). These include Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rating, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) and other training.

We can provide various endorsements such as High Performance aircraft and Complex aircraft endorsements.


Private Pilot (40 hrs. flight time) – $8495.00

Finish up your previous Private Pilot training (training from other instructors or schools counts toward your certificate) – $4495.00

Commercial Pilot (includes 20hrs in a Cessna 172) – $6495.00

Finish up your previous Commercial Pilot training (training from other instructors or schools counts toward your certificate) – $4495.00

Certified Flight Instructor – $6495.00

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument  – $3495.00

Instrument Rating – $9995.00

Finish up your previous Instrument Rating training, or practice with an instructor in preparation for your check ride. – $250.00/hr

Instrument Proficiency Check – $250.00/hr

Flight Review (FAA requires 1hr of Ground review and 1hr of Flight review Minimum) – $425.00

Flight simulator time – $60/hr

Call, text, or email us if you have any questions. We can help you save time and money.

Phone: (928) 208-0264


We offer flight simulator training on our FAA Certified Redbird TD2 flight training device. The simulator is in a  mobile classroom so that we have the ability to bring it to local area airports and other locations.  Our sim has a panoramic view, not just a single screen which only gives a straight-ahead view. Enjoy the realism of the sight picture which moves just as the earth and sky do in an aircraft.

(Sectional chart)

Keep your instrument rating current

Our FAA CERTIFIED Redbird TD2  simulator is something that instrument-rated pilots are showing great interest in. With NO INSTRUCTOR NECESSARY you can fly your required approaches in less than half the time it would take in an aircraft, at a fraction of the cost ($60/hr).   This simulator can be used by Instrument Rated pilots to keep their certificate current with NO INSTRUCTOR NECESSARY. According to Federal Regulations, the unit can be used to fly the required approaches, tracking, and holds, and then the PILOT can sign his logbook to be current.

Stay current on your instrument rating for a fraction of the price of using an aircraft. No instructor needed. No safety pilot. No fuel. No need to fly back to the beginning of the approach just hit the restart button and go again, using less than half the time it would take in an aircraft.

(FAA Certified Redbird TD2)

Simulated Flight Training

Because this unit is FAA Certified, training can be logged and applied toward various pilot certificates. This Redbird TD2 can be used to log 2 hrs toward a private pilot certificate. 10 hrs can be logged toward an instrument rating (which cuts the cost of training dramatically). Any number of hours can be logged as training.

Flight Simulator Time: $60/hr 

If you need an instructor we can supply one (at the instructor’s hourly rate) or you can use your own instructor if you prefer.

CFII’s please inquire about using this training device for your students. Because our unit is in a mobile classroom we can move it to convenient locations for training such as local airports. Ask about setting up sessions near you.

HOUSING: We have campsites available if you wish to bring an RV to stay in during your training.
(Call to check availability)

(Music Mountain Ranch)

See you soon!

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Whether you are looking for a scenic flight or interested in becoming a pilot, Music Mountain Aviation can help you.